Welcome, dear fellow!

I guess you ended up here because you share the same interest into vintage computing as I do?

There’s many sites on the web covering vintage computing, so here’s just another one, focussing on my own little collection of retro machines.

It all started a very good while ago, in the early 2000s, when I originally collected Digital, Sun and SGI Unix Workstations.
Due to time and storage constraints and relocating several times, I had to get rid of my entire collection. In retrospect this was an unwise decision that I regret to this day, especially as I also gave away my precious SGI Indy, the first professional Unix machine I made my first steps in the Unix world, which I luckily got the option to retain into personal posession when I left my employer back then.
Luckily I didn’t give away the C64, and I kept the Laptop that I purchased from the very first money I’ve ever earned.
After all, I began collecting again retro computers some two years ago.

My main interest still goes strong for Unix workstation, but so is for home computers in general, and for mobile computers of all kinds since the 80s era til today. Currently I do own some fourty machines, on which I hope to provide you some interesting insights and the topic of vintage computing in general.

And should you happen to live in Switzerland and have some old nugget on the attic, that’s going to be thrown away, let me know first. Maybe I’m interested in it. And of course, I do have a wishlist … 😉