Every collector has a whishlist, and so do I. Here’s some machines that I’m looking for.

  • SGI Workstations in general, but first on foremost an Indy in working condition
  • Sun and Digital Workstations from the mid 80s up to early 2000s
  • Next Station …
  • Original IBM PC, PC-XT and PC-AT
  • IBM PC Portable (acquired 2018/09)
  • Sharp PC-3000 / PC-3100
  • The Poqet PC (not to be mistaken with the later Windows CE Pocket PC)
  • IBM Thinkpad of the early 90s era
  • Sony Picture Book
  • Any sort of Ultra Mobile Computers, like Toshiba Libretto, and even late 2000s Netbook-style devices
  • Generally, portable computers of the 80s and early to mid-90s era
  • The Apple Cube
  • Home Computers of the 80s era (C64, Atari, Amiga, the like …)
  • 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives
  • 5.25″ DS/DD and DS/HD floppies
  • 3.5″ DS/DD floppies

Also, I’m looking for specific parts for current machines in the collection, see the actual pages for details:


Well, yes, the list is long.
If you like to donate something, please go by this premise:

  • Is the object still working and in somewhat good shape (lest some minor scuffs and marks, given the age, yes, that’s totally ok)
  • If you don’t think about the age, would *YOU* still use the device (because you wouldn’t if it is totally broken or torn aparat)
  • Is it some +/- 30 years to +/- 10 years old (younger maybe ok, but that really needs to be a very special device of it’s own kind … I’m not looking for the 10-millionth Dell Latitude everyday-notebook from 2014 …)
  • And yes, I do also look for components of all kinds …
  • If you are thinking to ask me lots of $$$$: Don’t even bother asking me, sorry. I can’t really spend a fortune on acquisition. So if you want to strike a good deal, you’re better off selling it on eBay then. Free is appreciated, small symbolic price may be ok, depending on what it is and the overall condition.
  • If you have something to donate, I’m happy to organise transport, or pay for shipping expenses.

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