Every collector has a whishlist, and so do I. Here’s some machines that I’m looking for.

  • SGI Workstations
    • Indy (acquired 2017)
    • Octane 2 (acquired 2017)
    • SGI 230 (acquired 2019)
    • Indigo 2 (Aqcuired 2021)
    • SGI 320
    • O2
    • Fuel
  • Next Station and Next Cube
  • Early 80s IBM PC
    • IBM 5150 (acquired 2021, see also YT playlist)
    • IBM PC Portable 5155 (acquired 2018/09)
    • IBM 5160 PC XT
    • IBM 5179 PC AT
    • PS/2 generations
      • IBM PS/2 P70
    • 1990s Thinkpads
  • Sharp PC-3000 & PC-3100 (acquired 2021)
    • external floppy drive still wanted!
  • NEC ProSpeed CSX
  • The Poqet PC (not to be mistaken with the later Windows CE Pocket PC)
  • Sony PictureBook (acquired 2020)
  • Any sort of Ultra Mobile Computers, like Toshiba Libretto (acquired 2018)
  • Mid to Late 2000s Netbooks
    • HP Mini
    • Sony Vaio VPC-W21C7
    • Dell Inspiron Mini
  • Compaq machines
    • Compaq Portable 386 (acquired 2021)
      • backside expansion chassis still wanted!
    • Compaq STE (acquired 2021)
    • Compaq Portable 486
  • HP 110 & 110 Plus (acquired 2022)
  • Data General One (acquired 2022)
  • Toshiba T1100, T10, Portege, Libretto W100
  • Generally, portable computers of the 80s and early to mid-90s era
  • Apple machines
    • Macintosh Classic / Classic II (acquired 2021)
    • Mac Cube (acquired 2021)
    • Original iMac G3 (acquired 2021)
    • Apple PowerBooks of 90s era
    • modern post-90s iBook/PowerBook/MacBook generations (some aqcuired 2021)
  • CP/M machines, like …
    • Kaypro 2/4
    • Osborne 1
    • or the CP/M cartridge for the C64
    • Altair 8800 (replica acquired 2021)
  • PDP-11 (“PiDP-11” replica acquired and built in 2021 & 2022)
  • General items
    • any original software packages, manual, boxes, floppies, CD-ROMs, etc

Also, I’m looking out for specific replacements parts for current machines in the collection, see the actual pages for details.

Well, yes, the list is long.
If you like to donate something, please go by this premise:

  • Is the object still working and in somewhat good shape (lest some minor scuffs and marks, given the age, yes, that’s totally ok)
  • If you don’t think about the age, would *YOU* still use the device (because you wouldn’t, if it is totally broken or torn aparat)
  • Is it some +/- 40 years to +/- 10 years old (younger maybe ok, but that really needs to be a very special device of it’s own kind … I’m not looking for the 10-gazillionth Dell Latitude everyday-notebook from 2014 …)
  • And yes, I do also look for components of all kinds …
  • If you are thinking to ask me lots of $$$$: Don’t even bother asking me, sorry. I can’t really spend a fortune on acquisition. So if you want to strike a good deal, you’re better off selling it on eBay then. Free is appreciated, small symbolic price may be ok, depending on what it is and the overall condition.
  • If you have something to donate, I’m happy to organize transport, or pay for shipping expenses.

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