Highscreen Colani BlueNote II

Following the success of the Highscreen Colani BlueNote, german retailer VOBIS launched the BlueNote II, which was more than just a minor update.

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Historic Overview

The Colani BlueNote II inherits the general appearance from its ancestor, so it arrives in the very same deep blue clam shell. Still, VOBIS didn’t just upgrade the CPU alone, but managed to put a lot of new features into this gorgeuous notebook.

Highscreen Colani BlueNote II

When the BlueNote arrived, it came with a 486DX clocked at 33 MHz. The BlueNote II is essentially doubling this, running a DX2 at 66 MHz. The default RAM was upgraded vom 4 MiB to 8 MiB, and the harddrive was changed to a 540 MiB disk, as opposed to the initial 80 MiB and 120 MiB options.

Instead of a trackball the BlueNote II features a trackpoint in the center of the keyboard. The mouse buttons have been relocated from the upper right-hand side of the base unit to the bottom of the wristpad.

In the very same spot, where the original BlueNote featured the mouse buttons, is now the connectors and volume control for the newly integrated SoundBlaster-compatible audio card.

Taking this all into account, the BlueNote II was a more than worthy upgrade when compared to the original BlueNote.

During the mid-90s VOBIS offered its line of computers with IBMs OS/2 preinstalled, because – as rumors have it – they were tired to wait for the next 32-bit operating system to be (aka Windows 95). The MS-DOS 6/Windows 3.11 option could still be ordered if needed, however at an extra charge.
For authenticity reasons, this BlueNote II has OS/2 Warp 3.0 installed.


The PHINTAGE Collection currently holds a Highscreen Colani BlueNote II.

Vendor Vobis AG
Model Highscreen Colani BlueNote II
Released 1994
Original Streetprice
Weight 3.2 KG
Dimensions 28cm x 23cm x 5cm
Builtin Display Yes, 9.5″ STN Color
Builtin Battery Yes, 2 Ah
CPU Intel 80486DX2 @ 66 MHz
  • 540 MiB PATA 2.5″ hard drive
  • 1.44 MiB 3.5″ floppy drive
Network Support optional (via PCMCIA adapter)
USB no
Video Output 1 VGA
Other 1 RS232, 1 Parallel Port, 1 PS/2, 1 Dock Connector
Operating System IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0
Overall Condition
  • Some minor scuffs and marks, overall in very good condition
  • Battery worn down
  • Trackpoint defective
Restoration Parts needed
  • Replacement battery
  • Replacement keyboard with builtin trackpoint


Coming soon.


There is currently no downloads available.

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